I took these photos last year in Reisterstown, Maryland visiting my Dad. We were picking up Chinese food. First, I saw the clothes on the ground and then looked up and saw it was a Marine recruiting center. I kneeled down and saw the note, “Give this to your next Marine, I’m finished.” I froze. I thought about the life of this soldier. Why was he/she so angry? Did we turn our backs? Were they weak and could not hack the pressure? I don’t know, but it put me in the shoes of a soldier and away from my life in front of a computer contributing to the free market system–far removed from an integrity of fighting for someone else’s life. I wondered why when I say the word VETERAN I feel more sadness than honor. Our lives, the military and civilian lives, are so separate and we don’t connect until it’s too late. Most companies from the Redskins to the Under Armor have veteran programs and there are strong rehabilitation programs like Wounded Warrior and WOS, but is that enough?

How are you connected to our soldiers everyday? Every week? Every month?