4_2016FarFromTimid_AlonaElkayam_LookBook_021516My sister from another mister, Tracy Stern, writes about interiors using typography as an element in Trend Ahead. She included Far From Timid

NOVELIST JEANETTE Winterson observes (in Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit), “Walls protect and walls limit. It is in the nature of walls that they should fall.” This writer looks at a wall and sees life, so should it be surprising that modern-day artists also see the wall as a place to record life? No longer bound by the constraints of four wooden corners and a canvas, current artists look to the wall as a medium and a purveyor of message and meaning.

The wall, to artists like Alona Fromberg (farfromtimid.com), seems a natural place to create as through her vision as an abstract artist, she is able to capture, inch by inch, art into wallpaper. She infuses the written word in her work and seems to know, intrinsically, that the wall was always meant to be transformed, reborn, retouched and re-imagined. Seeing her work in a young women’s national retailer, I found myself wondering why I was ever limited, ever hushed, ever told to “paint within the lines.”

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