SXSW is the hotbed of innovation for interactive, music, and film and l loved being able to speak there. I organized a panel called Rebranding Islam. I put this panel together to discuss how Public Relations and Branding could help the cause of Islamic Americans if they are willing to condemn terrorists in a very public way. This would apply to any cultural movement. I create images for a living and after the controversy of the “Ground Zero” Mosque, as a citizen and as a Jew, I wanted to support my Muslim friends in their right to have a place to worship, but I wanted to make sure that if I was fighting for them, they were fighting against terrorism. And they were, but the message was fragmented, nobody owned it and no central figure was rallying this idea. My esteemed panelists were Michael Maslansky, a naming and public relations expert of Maslansky and Luntz and Daisy Khan, head of ASMA and wife of Imam Khan the founder of the Cordoba Center which is known to many pejoratively as the “Ground Zero Mosque.” I was honored to have Joel Mowbray, esteemed Capital Hill journalist moderate. Audio will be available soon. To learn more about the event go to SXSW website here.