“Attending Alona’s brand and content marketing workshop was an “aha” moment for me as an entrepreneur.  She adeptly demonstrated the impact of personal brand on one’s company, but also gave me practical and customized tools to get out there and actually build my own brand– a critical step most marketing and branding workshops fail to address. “
Shally, Founder at Myolo

On June 22, 2016, I spoke to a group impressive female entrepreneurs at the incubator space, 1776, on how to successfully build a personal brand that would help them drive investors, employees, media, and their industry crazy for their start-up.

My Drive People Crazy workshops are interactive. Here’s how they work: I talk about what personal branding is, I explain why it’s important, how to build one, and the finally how to grow your personal brand.

A lot of “experts” out there write and speak ad nauseam that to build a personal brand you have to “get on social media” or “write a blog” or “speak at events.” What I do in my workshops is help entrepreneurs and careerists identify what their personal brand actually is and what conversations they can own, so that they can actually be on social media or at speaking events authentically.

These so-called “experts” have spent considerable energy on telling you how to build their brand while never building a brand outside of their own.

There is a true science to brand-building and how to arrive at a brand position. I’ve been building global brands for over fifteen years. You can look at some of the work I’ve done here.

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Drive People Crazy For Your Brand,