Art Basel Activation

Create a Snapchat experience layer that is highly interactive, shareable, and engaging at Art Basel to help client launch their handle within the environment–a partnership with Dwell magazine.

Develop micro content ideas that demonstrate how Dots can engage it’s current and potential audiences in Snapchat and across platforms after Art Basel.

The brand is about playing beautifully and the exhibit is about social furniture. We connected these two ideas to create an experience where people can connect with the Dwell design furniture and with one other in the space while learning about the DOTS brand and handle in a very minimalist way. As in the game, when a connection is made, there is beautiful success and winning involved–a master of your craft feeling. And on the ground at the event, we want people to not only interact with the furniture, but show winning when they interact with each other. The more interaction, the more engagement, the more people will snap.

Wall One: A simple and beautiful wall animation will project a programmed sequence of DOTS that make the connections as in the game, and reveal it’s snap code.  Dots original music is playing in the background.

Wall Two:
The art caption becomes a dot game revealing information about the furniture.

Find Your DotMate
We use half of a famous design quote and people are encouraged to connect with their dotmate.

MicroContent Pre, During and Post
Used on brand themes about design, electronic music, aesthetic, adventure, and placed them in the circle environment. Owning the circle.

Play Beautiful UCG
Encourage people to snap themselves or other people doing what they love, their master of craft.

Created a Snapchat lens people download during event where every picture taken can fit into a circle frame.



  • Truffle Pig (Snapchat X Daily Mail)