IBM: #100Days

Digital transformation can create potential pitfalls for businesses—but also significant opportunities.

Every 2 years IBM’s equivalent of The Mckinsey Report releases a Csuite study to help drive eminence for our IBM Services experts. Typically it is launched with a website and key art. I wanted to create a conversation, a repeatable format, social first, so that we could truly connect with the Csuite and introduce them IBM Services. Not just for a single moment, but to build a community. 

Inspired by the 100 Days of Happiness and the 100 Days Challenge for Leaders, I created 100 Opportunities 100 Days. Over the 100 Days, we shared 100 Opportunities: stories of CxO’s who’ve envisioned the future, taken bold risks, and seized their moment. These were be paired with stats and charts that inspire thinking around the dangers of staying stagnant, as well as a world filled with expanding possibilities.

We also launched a film, promoted and launched at Mobile World Congress in partnership with CNBC.



• Social – 5.2M reach and 14.5M impressions from 2201 mentions by 1150 users
• 7,146 unique visits over first three days in market, which is roughly 2X what the C-suite study website drove in total across all of 2017
• Live Stream – 426 Unique Views

• 100 Days, 100 Opportunities : 4500 Views in 5 days
• CNBC produced Mark Foster Video & Launch Replay now loaded on 8000 views in 2 days

• Delivered a simple and modular mechanism for 120,000 sales consultants around the world to engage their clients with this 100 day challenge and give them a reason to connect and build relationships


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