Marriott Rewards ‘Within Your Reach’ Loyalty Campaign

To improve engagement of existing Marriott Rewards members as well as acquisition of new millennials to the loyalty program through the Megabonus program of double points.

As Creative Director, I launched Marriott Rewards’ first social first campaign and worked with my team of writers and art directors to focus on the travel experience vs. the offer. We used the popular forced perspective photography and first launched a user generated social campaign asking people to share their photos. The campaign storyline, “Within Your Reach,” along with the photography was  to bring people as close as possible in a 2D world to the experience.

We then chose our favorite submissions to be used in our marketing efforts including Facebook advertising, solo emails, direct mail, and digital placements.

Our user-generated content campaign to promote MegaBonus had the following results:
• Received more than 2,707 user-generated photos, with 791 that fit the “perspective” requirements
• Generated 2,205,490 impressions
• Average CTR of 4.36%
• Ads with these photos generated 59,037 total post engagements for MR page
• 46,252 unique users took some sort of action due to the ad campaign
• 25.53% engagement rate on our Facebook album of user-generated imagery (typical around 1%)


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