McDonald’s had a corporate site– and a site for its not for profit–, but they wanted to create a global social networking site where “tweens” could connect with the brand and each other.
We developed a content strategy that would support engagement for the target audience. We created categories that spoke to the audiences interests like gaming (Adventure Village) and pop culture (MusicMaker). We worked with game designers to build out these amazing games like Adventure Village and

MusicMaker. In partnership with the game designers we build out the site with a video game like feel. To promote corporate responsibility we created a charity program, Steps, that earned the teens points that would be transferred to cash and donated to charities of their choice.

In addition to developing the content and user experience we developed a content management system so that admins across the globe could share content and participate in global programs. We worked with the global marketing teams at McDonald’s in executing on strategy developing an immersive experience and a shared content management system that allowed marketing managers across markets to share content.


  • McDonalds