The Out Hotel

Named one of Fodor’s top 11 trendiest Hotel’s in the world, THE OUT NYC, is located in Hell’s Kitchen and New York City’s first Straight-Friendly Gay Resort. THE OUT NYC has everything from an impeccably designed hotel, an acclaimed restaurant (KTCHN)and a nightclub (XL) run by Roxy impresario John Blair.

THE OUT NYC hired me to build it’s brand–from naming to identity to website.

I developed a brand position for the resort that did not focus on a gay clientele and focused more on the amenities and social aspect of the hotel. I did not want novelty, we thought about creating a brand in a world where gay marriage and a gay resort were commonplace. We created a rhythm of images/visuals around the resort experience:

STAY PLAY EAT CHILL (hotel, nightlife, culinary, outdoor).

To support the social brand we developed additional content like the culture section on the site as well as a social media app called “it Happened At The Out” that allows you to upload + tweet timestamped pictures to the THEOUTNYC site in realtime.

And finally I had to build out the identity of each unit of the hotel from naming the restaurant, KTCHN, to the shared rooms called

I built the major assets and guidelines for the brand from tone of voice to logo usage and trained the hotel staff to empower them to build their own marketing team. Every company needs to be its own publisher.

Named Fodor’s top 11 trendiest hotels


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